It’s often the case that visitors from reciprocal Clubs occupy a full tier on the timesheet. Typically visitors are unaware of the work you have done in making sure members are all working on the same round time expectation.

Below is an example of a group which needed personal attention/induction before they tee off.

mPace News - Visitors Impact


As you can see, the 11:32am group above turned an already marginal field timing into a disappointing day for 30 odd players. The member groups behind had no chance to improve on their round times even though they were all perfectly in position behind the group in front of them

Suggestion: Attend to groups like this in person. It’s not enough to imagine that the message gets passed on from the single player who registers for the group. The starter must visit the group at tee-off, look at each one in the eye and remind them of:

• the tee-times on the card for each tee and the need to keep a constant eye on them as they mark their card

• that their position must be directly behind the group in front

• that a marshal will visit them after their first few holes to make sure they are keeping up