All players are responsible for their group’s pace of play. The Golf Operations Committee has set a maximum time of 4 hours and 10 minutes for the completion of 18 holes of Stableford/Par and 4 hours and 25 minutes for the completion of 18 holes of Stroke Play. In the event of severe weather conditions, the Golf Operations Committee may adjust the times indicated.

  • Your position in the field is directly behind the group in front and not directly in front of the group behind. At completion of your round, your group is expected to finish within 14 minutes of the group in front unless you are within the round times nominated above.
  • All players should actively practice “ready golf”. That is, at all times, be ready to play your shot as soon as it is safe to do so regardless of whether you are furthest away from the hole or not.
  • Any member deemed to be responsible for slow play will receive written acknowledgment of the incident. This acknowledgment shall be received by all players in the group.
  • Repeated offences within a six month period will result in a request to attend a meeting with the Golf Operations Committee or offer a written undertaking as to actions to be taken avoid future offences.

Further information regarding how the Pace of Play Policy is implemented can be found on the website under the ‘Golf’ menu